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Nanyang Technological University - Affiliate Member

Air traffic Management Research Institute

University of North Dakota

The Air traffic Management Research Institute (ATMRI), NTU team focuses on the prediction and management of risk associated with the cooperative and non-cooperative operation of UAS within the Restricted Airport Airspace (5km surrounding the airport as defined by the Civil Aviation Authority Singapore). The studies under this project includes: Monte-Carlo based modeling of non-cooperative UAS collision risk to establish 3D Alert Zone for UAS intrusion management; the development of method to predict position of commercial aircraft and drone, which is used to develop probability density function based on the aircraft and drone position predicted; the creation of CAD model for UAS and aero engines for parametric study of UAS collision simulation.

Objectives of ATMRI at NTU UAS Program

  • Safe and Efficient Urban Airspace Management System to provide
    • A construct that allows the CAAS maintains its authority over the urban airspace, while allowing industry and operators to manage operations
    • A flexible and extensible constructor that can adapt and evolve as the trade space changes and matures
    • A safe and stable environment for various operations
  • Unmanned Air Traffic Flow Management Ecosystem
    • Facilitate the maturing of the technologies to create a positive platform for UAS operations in urban environments
    • Enable large-scale UAV operations, leveraging commercial services

For more information, please contact Dr. Kin Huat Low, Professor, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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