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University of Southampton, UK - Affiliate Member

MSC Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design

University of Southampton

The University of Southampton, UK, has a strong reputation in Autonomous Systems with many world firsts including: SULSA, the first 3D printed plane; the development of a DARPA winning entry to UAVForge and the world's first affordable maritime surveillance unmanned air vehicle 2SEAS.

The DECODE (Decision Environment for COmplex DEsign) EPSRC project is specifically aimed at developing a coherent set of software tools and a design methodology that will allow users to quickly explore the design space for unmanned vehicles. The DECODE software tools are being tested by using them to develop a set of air vehicles to meet a very demanding long range maritime reconnaissance mission. The first DECODE air vehicle flew in 2010.

For more information, please contact Jim Scanlan, Professor of Aerospace and Design, Dirctor of MSC Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design.

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