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ITRE Institute for Transportation Research and Education

North Carolina State University

The Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) is a university-based institute committed to leadership in the study of surface and air transportation issues through fostering analytical thinking, integrating technology in education and research, serving as a catalyst for problem solving, and cultivating professionals and students dedicated to excellence in transportation.

ITRE Aviation has been operating UAS since 2013, with the first non-military public Certificate of Authorization (COA) in North Carolina. Since then, through 333 exemptions and the release of Part 107, our pilots have logged thousands of flights totaling hundreds of hours on a wide array of unmanned aircraft. Our primary flight location, the Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory, is over 1500 acres of university-owned agricultural land just 10 minutes from campus. This space provides a flexible and secure work environment for our pilots and researchers.

For more information, please contact Daniel Findley, Senior Research Associate at ITRE.