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ASSURE Partner Sinclair Receives NSF Grant of Over $545,000 to Support UAS Focused Tech Entrepreneurship

August 5, 2019

NSFGThe National Science Foundation is giving a half-a-million dollar grant to Sinclair Community College to expand their drone program.

The grant will do three things for the community.

Create a 1-year Unmanned Arial Systems Entrepreneurship certificate
Launch a UAS Entrepreneurship challenge
UAS outreach to local high school teachers and students

Sinclair was the first college in Ohio to offer a bachelor’s in Unmanned Arial Systems and to date has received more than $30 million in grants from the National Science Foundation.

As a result of this continued investment, the region is seeing a spike in tech startups involving drone businesses.

“We are well into the 100’s of companies that over the last three or four years have bubbled up in this community and they run the gamut from high-tech companies to startup companies that are focused on taking old technologies to new markets,” said Scott Koorndyk, the president of The Entrepreneurs Center.

Sinclair students will now be able to take their technology background and apply it in a business setting.

“There will be pathways that either already exist or will be developed by virtue of this grant that will connect students to technologies, capabilities, processes and procedures that they can leverage to develop their own technologies and companies,” said Dr. Andrew Shepard, the director and chief Scientist of UAS at Sinclair College.

Miami Valley high school teachers and students will also get better exposure to a growing field with open job opportunities.

“Students first need to be given an awareness of what career pathways are available followed by experiences where they can explore and finally plan for a meaningful career,” said Liz Wolfe-Eberly of the Dayton Regional STEM Center.

The grant will allow other areas of study like geography and management to gain in-demand skills.

by: Ethan Fitzgerald
WDTN-TV, Dayton, Ohio