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ASSURE Research Partner, UAH Reveals Drone-Person Collision Research to Make Drones Safer

August 15, 2019

Dave Arterburn interviews with the media about UAS Study recently released by UAH.
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University of Alabama at Huntsville researchers released their findings Wednesday about how drones can be made safer in case they collide with people.

Much like how cars are tested, UAH led four other universities in similar tests. They say data for this didn’t exist before. They’ve given their findings to the FAA and people in the industry of operational limitations for Small Unmanned Aircraft System.

Researchers found you shouldn’t worry too much about getting hit by a drone, but now the industry can use what they found to make their drones safer.

“People thought that every drone was a brick so if you get hit with this thing it’s really gonna hurt you,” said David Arterburn, UAH principal investigator for the research. “But we showed that that’s just not the case. Industry’s been very active with this data because to date they haven’t had real metrics from which they can do design and from which they can evaluate their vehicles.”

The Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE) research team was sponsored by the FAA to assess injury potential.

By: Renata Di Gregorio
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