ASSURE Partners Kansas State University and PrecisionHawk Creating UAS App that Predicts Corn Production

September 16, 2015

Story PhotoA research and technology development partnership between two of the nation's leaders in the unmanned aerial vehicles industry is taking flight.

Kansas State University recently signed a research partnership with PrecisionHawk Inc., a Raleigh, North Carolina, company that develops unmanned aerial systems, or UAS, and applications that manage the data collected by the vehicles while in operation. The partnership establishes the four-year project "Advancing an end-to-end solution for agricultural applications of unmanned aerial systems and remote sensing," which begins in September.

"Our newly formed partnership with PrecisionHawk really illustrates how targeted corporate-sponsored research can advance not only private sector interest, but also the university's mission of research, education and outreach at the same time," said Kent Glasscock, president of the Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization, which facilitated the research partnership. "Because of how well the partnership is tailored for these interests, it's a real win-win for both Kansas State University and PrecisionHawk."

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