ASSUREuas, lead University, Mississippt State Making UAS Magazine Headlines as a Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range Complex

November 18, 2016

Story Photo The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration selected unmanned aircraft systems test sites are making news as of late.

The Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range Complex announced that it will add the state of Mississippi to its member states. Mississippi State University is the lead for the FAA's UAS Center of Excellence. The addition of Mississippi to the Pan-Pacific test site team will allow for more UAS testing and research work to be performed in the Southeastern U.S.

The Raspet Flight Research Laboratory will be a major part of the addition for the Pan-Pacific team. The lab has a global reputation for composites research while also serving as a start-up facility for various workforce aerospace companies, according to MSU. 

Story was written by Luke Geiver, UAS Magazine