Funded Research

Funding: $0K

Proposed Research

UAS Air Traffic Integration

W17: Integration of UAS into Trajectory-based Operations-Whitepaper under review, $500K-FAA requested
W18: Embedded UAS Air Traffic Management-Whitepaper under review, $275K
W25: Integration of UAS into System Wide Information Management (SWIM)-Whitepaper under review, $650K-FAA requested

UAS Airport Ground Operations

W2: Adaptation of Regulations, Policies, and Procedures to Support UAS Surface Operations-Whitepaper under review, $300K-FAA requested
W3: Development of Automation and Sensor Package for UAS Operations on Airport Surfaces-Whitepaper under review, $750K-FAA requested
W4: UAS Operator/Automation Compliance of ATC Instructions on Airport Surfaces-Selected for pre-proposal, $500K-FAA requested
W5: Additional Situational Awareness in Support of UAS Airport Ground Operations-Whitepaper under review, $270K-FAA requested
W6: Development of Automated Scheduling System for UAS Operations at Airports-Selected for pre-proposal, $225K-FAA requested

UAS ATC Interoperability

W7: UAS operation in Class A, B, C, D, and E Airspace-Whitepaper under review, $150K-FAA requested
W44: UAS Operations in Populated Areas-Whitepaper under review, $525K-FAA requested
W23: Flight Data Monitoring for DAA-Whitepaper under review, $469,000
W22: ADS-B, Active+passive Sensor Detection-Whitepaper under review, $101,945
W34: DO-178 Certification of GBSAA/ABSAA Algorithms-Whitepaper under review, $665,000
W35: Safety Assessments of Distributed DAA Systems-Whitepaper under review, $750,000

ASSURE Air Traffic Integration

Airport Operations Testbeds - ERAU has a partnership with Daytona Beach International Airport to test and demonstrate autonomous system operation on airport surface.
ATC Modeling and Simulation - ERAU manages the FAA Florida NextGen Testbed; and Drexel University is developing simulation framework to analyze controller performance.
UAS Modeling and Simulation - Multiple simulation environments capable of assessing airspace integration and air traffic management scenarios.
UAS Integration Regulatory Expertise - ERAU performed FAA-funded technology surveys and regulatory gap analyses for UAS integration.
Air Traffic Management Training - ERAU and UND feature undergraduate academic programs in air traffic management / air traffic control