Funded Research

Funding: $1MM
A-1 Certification Test Case to Validate sUAS Consensus Standards
Kansas State University is leading a team with Wichita State and the University of North Dakota to see if airworthiness standards proposed by the UAS industry are safe. KSU will provide the UAS operations know-how, Wichita State will use their airworthiness test facilities and the University of North Dakota will test UAS software standards.The FAA will use this research to set airworthiness standards for small UAS.
A-3 UAS Airborne Collision Severity Evaluation
If all safety measures fail and a small UAS does hit a manned aircraft, it's important to understand what happens. Wichita State University is leading a team with The Ohio State University, Mississippi State University and Montana State University to conduct computer simulations of UAS air-to-air collisions and jet engine ingest. This research will help determine if the FAA can set standards for UAS that lessens damage in airborne collisions.
A-4 UAS Ground Collision Severity Evaluation
Right now, the FAA doesn't allow UAS operations over people. But what is the risk in a ground collision? Are there ways to reduce the risk? The University of Alabama at Huntsville, Mississippi State, Embry Riddle Aeronautical and Kansas Universities are collaborating to conduct computer simulations of UAS ground collisions to find answers to these questions. The research will help the FAA set guidelines for UAS operations over people and possibly set design specifications to reduce ground damage.
A-8 UAS Noise Certification
The FAA has a lot of data on manned aircraft noise signatures, but almost none on UAS. Mississippi State University will work with the NUAIR FAA UAS Test Site to develop procedures to measure UAS noise signatures. The research will help the FAA set standards for UAS mission profiles to minimize noise hazards.

Proposed Research

W45: General Aviation and Rotorcraft, $860K

W49: Experimental Building Block Approach to Evaluate UAS Impact Conditions, $775K

W42: Airworthiness Council, $100K/year

W55: Experimental Investigation of a Small UAV Impacting a Commercial Engine Face at Landing or Takeoff Velocity, $TBD

ASSURE Airworthiness Advantages

ASSURE team broad airworthiness background

Structures and materials
Repair and continued airworthiness
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Active in standards organizations


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