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UAS Cargo Operations

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The vision to revolutionize mobility is one of the new frontiers in modem aviation. Building on the anticipated successes of Part 135 applications under the Integration Pilot Program (IPP) while supporting accessible air transport systems and unmanned air cargo would be first to emerge to integrate unmanned mobility with the need to carry cargo. An emerging role for the FAA will develop by working with the community to identify and address the key differences between unmanned and manned operations, as well as the opportunities and challenges ahead underlying this near-term development. The passenger transportation network ecosystem and its associated infrastructure and technologies are likely to be among the most complex aviation. The opportunities to facilitate the full integration of UAS, by using what is available and outlining what will be needed, into the National Airspace System (NAS) are enormous. The FAA needs to understand this environment and take facilitating steps to prepare when the gradual transition to autonomy eventually arrives. This research will highlight the anticipated needs of the FAA to support further integration of UAS in cargo operations.

Project Lead
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Dr. Catherine F. Cahill
Director | Alaska Center for UAS Integration
Geophysical Institute