Funded Research

Funding: $800K
A-5 UAS Maintenance, Modification, Repair, Inspection, Training, and Certification
The FAA already knows how to certify maintenance procedures and train maintenance professionals for manned aircraft, but UAS are different. Kansas State is leading a team with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Montana State University to test current industry UAS practices against current manned aircraft safety regulations. The FAA will use this research set UAS maintenance standards and training certification to ensure UAS are kept safe to fly.

Proposed Research

W16: Crew Member Training $400K

W60: Human Factors Considerations of UAS Pilot and Crew Training, Procedures, and Control Stations, $900K

ASSURE Training Advantages

Many of the nation's top institutions long associated with aeronautical training are members of ASSURE.
Team member institutions offer undergraduate UAS operator and/or maintainer education and training from certificate level through graduate degrees.
All institutions offering UAS coursework have long established records in FAA aeronautical training including air traffic control training and are holders of FAA 141 and 147 Training School Certificates.
Member institutions hold scores of COAs and multiple 333 exemptions including one specifically for operator training.
Long-standing experience in FAA standards development and rulemaking.