STEM III –UAS as a STEM Outreach Learning Platform for K-12 Students and Educators

The objective of this project is to expand the potential STEM outreach approaches to the FAA that use UAS’s as the central learning platform and leverage the results of the research conducted to date. With the maturity of the COE and the research efforts completed to date, there is now a broad set of research results that can be used as part of the education materials and lesson plans. For any UAS educational outreach the STEM topics will include fundamental related concepts and will include unique UAV related content. Some efforts are focused specifically on students and some on “teaching the teachers”. These unique approaches by the core schools here provide multiple approaches tailored to their local communities and that can be modified and crafted for STEM education in locations across the country. A number of various approaches for STEM outreach have been provided and discussed with the FAA. This proposal offers proposed activities that fall into five basic categories; 1) Educator-based STEM outreach program; 2) Rural community education and outreach; 3) UAS centered summer camps; 4) After school programs; and 5) In school immersion programs. All of the programs will leverage “age appropriate” materials extracted from the COE research results.



Henry M. Cathey, Jr.
Aerospace Division Director | UAS Flight Test Site Director
Physical Science Laboratory
New Mexico State University
Phone: 575.646.9474


Participating Schools

Ohio State University
Sinclair Community College
University of California, Davis
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