Wake Turbulence

While many know that wake turbulence the formation of counter-rotating vortices trailing behind an aircraft as a function of that aircraft producing lift; and that this turbulence creates risk to other aircraft if the turbulence exceeds its flight control authority. Therefore, unmanned aircraft, just like its manned systems, operating in the vicinity of runways and other aircraft are also at risk. Additionally, as unmanned systems conduct their operations like infrastructure inspections or urban operations, the turbulence caused by weather phenomena and micro-weather in and around those structures, buildings, and cities also present a risk to safe flight operations. ASSURE researchers and universities have the resident knowledge, computing power, and testing capabilities to understand the risks associated with turbulence, and help develop flight-control systems requirements, operational limits, and the systems themselves to safely conduct unmanned flight in and around turbulence.

ASSURE Advantages

ASSURE allows industry and government agencies direct access to the capabilities and expertise of 26 universities and their researchers worldwide. The skills, abilities, and experience housed within ASSURE are critical to the success of our mission and the mission of our many partnering entities. The ASSURE organization is passionate about quality and meaningful research that safely and efficiently brings UAS into the National Airspace. If you see a topic area you would like to know more about please contact us directly for more information.


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