Urban Air Mobility Studies (A36_A11L.UAS.76)

The vision to revolutionize mobility within metropolitan areas is a new frontier in aviation. Supporting accessible air transport systems for passengers and cargo by working with the urban air mobility (UAM) community to identify and address the opportunities and key challenges ahead is an emerging role for FAA. The UAM ecosystem and its associated technologies are likely to be among the most complex aviation has ever encountered. FAA needs to understand how the HAM environment could emerge and respond in a pro-active nature that is informed by assessing and understating the markets, viability, economics, and challenges that will arise. This research will highlight, the challenges and needs of FAA to support safe integration and could be used as a tool to assist decision makers in the allocation of personnel and resources. The project will be organized in four Working Packages (WP) that will cover three major areas of research:

  • WP 1: Evaluation of UAM Market Potential: economic feasibly, potential size and growth, characteristics of population, and ground infrastructure.
  • WP 2: Airworthiness regulations and its applicability to UAM aircraft certification.
  • WP 3: Evaluation of UAM integration on the National Aerospace System -Air Traffic Control and Operations.
  • WP 4: Final Report and Recommendations for future research.




Gerardo Olivares Ph.D.
Director | Senior Research Scientist
Computational Mechanics and Crash Dynamics Laboratories
National Institute for Aviation Research
Wichita State University
Phone: 316.680.1817


Participating Schools

North Carolina State University
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